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Vik- Yuri!!! on Ice OC

Bio below

Full Name: 
Vik Eriksson

Nicknames: Vi, Little Deer

Age: 16

Height:  173.4 cm


Weight: 60.8 kg

Birthday:  June 10th

Gender: Male

Sexuality:  Bisexual (claims to be straight)

Nationality: Swedish

Current Residence: Gothenburg Sweden

Occupation:  Figure skater, High school student

Past-to-Present Bio: Vik was born in Sweden to a poor family. After one year of living with his birth parents they left Vik and an older sibling in an orphanage, Vik and his sibling were adopted shortly after the pair arrived in the orphanage. Vik's new parents loved him and his sister very much and brought them both to the skating rink. The parents hoped for Vik to take up Hockey and his sister, Elsie, take up Figure skating. That didn't happen and Vik went with figure skating and Elsie took up hockey. Vik was very dedicated to skating and loved it.

Personality:  Vik is a rather rebellious person, who often does what he wants and has very little regard for others. He can become very attached to people or items. He is very dedicated to figure skater but is careless towards other things such as school work. Vik is angered easily and often seems to be in a bad mood, He is often seen as serious although he hates to admit it he shows happiness and enjoyment when he is skating or getting into mischief. Vik has an extremely short attention span.



-Figure Skating



-Cats (especially tigers)

- Yuri and Otabek

-Eiichi (refuses to admit it)

- Teddy bears (refuses to admit it)

-Spinning whilst on the ice


-Soothing piano music

-Playing Piano

-Calm and peaceful sounds

-The rain (often stands in it)


- Bears

-Loud noises


-Bright lights

-Big dogs

-Being told what to do

-Getting in trouble






-Spicy food


-Doesn’t get dizzy

-Very fit physically


-Learns quickly


-Easily distracted

-Runs late often

-Slips after jumps often

-Injured easily (Weak Skin)


-Being abandoned

-His past being told/ found out

-Big dogs

-Ice Skating

-Playing Piano


-Standing in the rain

-Learning/Speaking Languages

-Spinning on the Ice



Strength- 3/5

Intelligence- 2/5



Canon Characters

Yuri Katsuki- Vik has met Yuri a few times but doesn’t think much of him. He does slightly admire Yuri’s dedication to skating and has watched a few of Yuri’s skating routines to find pointers in perfecting his own routines.

Viktor Nikiforov- Vik has met Viktor a few times and slightly admires him. Vik enjoys watching Viktor’s skating routines and admires the way he moves along the ice. Vik dislikes the fact that he and Viktor share a similar name.

Yuri Plisetsky- Vik highly admires Yuri and enjoys watching him skate.Vik has competed against Yuri a few times and loves Yuri’s dedication. Vik admires the fact that Yuri seems to skate smoothly and effortlessly along the ice


Non-Canon Characters:

Elsie Erikson- Vik’s older sister, A hockey player.Vik is extremely close with her, he loves her dearly and wuld do anything to protect her. 

Vincent Nilsson-  Vik’s coach. Vik is good friends with Vincent but often argues with Vincent about his routines and music. 

Eiichi Tanaka- Vik and Eiichi have a strange relationship. Vik has a crush on Eiichi but refuses to admit it. Vik and Eiichi are very close friends but often deny the fact that they share feelings for each other. Vik and Eiichi hang out together often.

Vladimir (his cat)- Vik loves his cat dearly. Vik sleeps with Vladimir in his bed and has tried to smuggle the poor cat to both school and figure skating. Vik takes care of his cats every need and spoils Vladimir. Vik is closest to his cat.

Yulian Volkov- Yulian is in Vik’s close friend circle. Yulian is the softer twin but often causes trouble. Yulian and Vik are close friends and hang out a lot. Yulian has sleepovers with Yaroslav and Vik often. Promotes and highly supports Vik. He has tried to get Vik to date Eiichi.

Yaroslav Volkov- Yaroslav is the tougher twin. He is in Vik’s close friends circle. Yaroslav often gets into fights and sometimes fights with Yulian and Vik. Yaroslav often has sleepovers with, Yulian and Vik. Highly supports Vik and promotes Vik sometimes. He wants Eiichi and Vik to date



Other Facts:

-Allergic to cashews, peanuts, almonds, and bananas

-Weak skin and gets injured easily

-Quick to learn languages and skating techniques

-Gets terrible grades

-Has been expelled twice

-Instagram name is VikTheDeer

-The only sport he watches is Figure skating

-Makes the music for his performances

-He has many spins in his step sequences

-Easily flustered when it comes to love

-‘Tough Uke’ Type
-His current Theme is 'Disney'



No journal entries yet.


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